Velox Invader

Designed to bridge the gap between the modern "Slimline" designed K2's and the older wedged boats. Retaining the wedge shape, although narrower then previously required, gives the Velox Invader excellent secondary stability. With modern thinking of volume placement in the hull resulting in a very good cruising speed the Velox Invader performs well in River and Flatwater races.
Good for crews weighing between 140-190kg. This is an ideal boat for the crew that wants to be competitive without sacrificing stability.

Construction Velox Invader
River X
River Max X
River Max+ X
River Race X
River Race+ X
River Elite X
River Elite+ X
Flatwater X
Flatwater Race X
Flatwater Elite X
Standard X
Low Seat X
Flat Seat X
Platform X
Overstern X
Pedals X
T Bar X
Dimensions (L x W x D)
650 x 52 x 32cm