Velox Fusion

A new age boat aimed at the bigger paddler looking to enjoy river paddling with all the advantages of contemporary design. Fully computer-aided design provides for plenty of volume for paddlers over 85kgs, who would otherwise be looking to Mantas or Sabres as options.
Reassuringly stable, loads of foot room and volume displacement along the length of the boat minimises porpoising.
Length: 5,177m  Width: 0,463m Weight: 13,5kg  
Paddler weight: Over 85kgs
Stability:                                   (1 star = unstable 5 stars = most stable)
Manoeuvrability:     (1 star = least manoeuvrable, 5 stars = most manoeuvrable )
Suitability - flatwater:         (1 star = not suitable for flatwater, 5 stars = most suitable)
Suitability - rivers :         (1 star = least suited to rough river, 5 stars = most suited)
Options: River construction