Velox Fuse

Designed for the intermediate paddler. Based on the Velox Fusion with a substantial reduction in waterline volume makes it more suitable for the paddler between 80-100kg. With Good stability and decent speed, this boat fills the gap between the Velox Fusion and Velox Assasin.
Length: 5,2m  Width: 0,45m Weight: 13,5kg  
Paddler weight: 80-100 kgs
Stability:                                   (1 star = unstable 5 stars = most stable)
Manoeuvrability:     (1 star = least manoeuvrable, 5 stars = most manoeuvrable )
Suitability - flatwater:         (1 star = not suitable for flatwater, 5 stars = most suitable)
Suitability - rivers :         (1 star = least suited to rough river, 5 stars = most suited)
Options: Seats: Standard  
Construction:  River, River Max, River Max+, River Race, River Race+, River Elite, River Elite+, Flatwater, Flatwater Race, Flatwater Elite