Velox Assault

The Assault has the same hull as the Attack with 30mm more height in the boat overall to accommodate the heavier paddlers and to make it more comfortable for paddlers wit bigger hips. It has extra footroom under the deck as well.
Length: 5,195m  Width: 0,408m Weight:12,5kgs  
Paddler weight: Over 85kgs
Stability:                                   (1 star = unstable 5 stars = most stable)
Manoeuvrability:     (1 star = least manoeuvrable, 5 stars = most manoeuvrable )
Suitability - flatwater:         (1 star = not suitable for flatwater, 5 stars = most suitable)
Suitability - rivers :         (1 star = least suited to rough river, 5 stars = most suited)
Options: River construction Marathon construction Sprint Construction