Velox Ascent SL

Designed for the beginner-intermediate paddler. A slimmed down version of the Velox Ascent with a substantial reduction in overall volume making it more suitable to a smaller, lightweight crew weighing <160kg. With Good stability and decent speed, means this is the ideal boat for lighter men, women and junior crews looking for a good performing boat that is comfortable to paddle.

Length: 6,47m  Width:0,52m Weight: 22kgs  
Paddler weight:  up to 160kgs
Suitability - flatwater:
Suitability - rivers :
Options: Seats: Low, Standard  
Construction: River, River Max, River Max+, River Race, River Race+, River Elite, River Elite+, Flatwater, Flatwater Race, Flatwater Elite

Steering : Overstern, pedals or T-bar